Samuel Handover Inglehart VonProteus

When he hides in shadows, He can't even find himself


I’m small, child like in stature. just forget about me, focus on the bigger problems / people
I’ll just be through in a minute, don’t even think about me, forget I was ever here.
Children should be seen and not herd. but better children should’nt be seen either.


Born and raised in the VonProteus family. A family widely know for there tinker work especially their work with golems. He has shirked his lineage for the thrill and excitement of the adventure and the riches of story and song……Oh who an I kidding, “Get the most with doing the least” that’s my motto. But I know if you burn too many bridges your left alone on a dead end street. So I do get as dirty as i have to, doing the things i’m good at, trying my hardest to not get killed.

Samuel Handover Inglehart VonProteus

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